Bored Games With Henna

Hi. My name is Henna Punjabi, and I love board games. Almost a little too much. Over the past few years as I’ve had my own money to spend, my board game collection has grown extensively, and when I moved in with my roommates, we combined our collection and can barely fit them all in the apartment. It’s a bit of an addiction, but a good one at least.

These board games are our go to activity on a free night in my household. Whether it’s a quick game of cards or a long game of Catan, it always leads to a fun night filled with laughter, competition, and excitement. In our constantly changing world filled with technology and instant gratification, it can become easy to find yourself bored a lot, but I truly believe that a wide, versatile set of board games can be the cure to that.

On my site you’ll find some great recommendations for games, how to play variations of card games, and an insight into some of my experiences with board games. I hope you stick around!